Inconsiderate Camper makes this Writer Madder than a Wet Hen

mad hen

Can I vent? I don’t normally post on negative topics, but we encountered a situation this past weekend that made me madder than a wet hen. So mad, that I just have to say something.

“What was that?”, you ask. I’m so glad you asked. I knew you’d be concerned about what would make this easy-going grandma so mad.

Looking forward to a relaxing camping trip.

Carl and I went camping in the Catalina Mountains this past weekend and were so excited to find our favorite spot available. Upon backing in and getting settled, we discovered this:

damaged tree

Someone actually used a LIVE tree in the campsite for chopping practice! A LIVE TREE !! IN A CAMP SITE !!

I guess this person didn’t care that by chopping this tree up, he was inviting disease which would eventually kill the tree.

I guess he wasn’t worried about a strong wind blowing this weakened tree down on a tent.

I guess the beauty of the nature around him was lost on him and he wasn’t concerned about the eyesore he created.

Would you believe there was more?

AND! As if the chopped tree wasn’t enough, this @!%$# jerk (excuse my language), thought broken beer bottles and tin cans would burn in the fire pit.

cans in fire pit

I guess it didn’t occur to or bother the jerk that an animal or child might check out that fire pit and get injured!

The final straw!

Then the final straw, which I will spare you pictures of, was the used toilet paper spread out under a tree by the campsite.


As someone who loves spending time in nature, it is unbelievable to me that someone would spend time in such a beautiful location and then leave it in such filth and destruction.

So, my dear friends, if you love nature too, could you help me spread the word? Take care of our public lands; pack it in, pack it out; and above all else, do no harm.

If you encounter someone new to the camping scene who would like information on some basic rules, please share this post and this link.

Thanks for listening,

Love ya! Be